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Timing: Apr 27 2018 08:20:51
Module start 'used_equipment'
Warning: Apr 27 2018 08:20:51
Path 'extension/ezoe/autoloads/' does not have the file 'eztemplateautoload.php' allthough it reported it had one.
Looked for file 'extension/ezoe/autoloads/eztemplateautoload.php'
Check the setting [TemplateSettings]/ExtensionAutoloadPath or AutoloadPathList in your site.ini settings.
Warning: PHP: E_WARNING Apr 27 2018 08:20:51
mysqli_num_rows() expects parameter 1 to be mysqli_result, boolean given in /home/mydws/files/www/lib/ezdb/classes/ezmysqlidb.php on line 470
Timing: Apr 27 2018 08:20:51

Timing points:

CheckpointElapsedRel. ElapsedMemoryRel. Memory
Module start 'used_equipment' 0.0000 sec0.0794 sec 6,248.5156 KB6,663.4141 KB
End 0.0794 sec  12,911.9297 KB 
Total runtime:0.0797 sec
Peak memory usage:13,178.0313 KB

Time accumulators:

 Accumulator Elapsed Percent Count Average
Load cache0.0074 sec4.9363%100.0007 sec
Check MTime0.0010 sec0.6775%100.0001 sec
Mysql Total
Mysqli_queries0.0422 sec28.2927%80.0053 sec
Looping result0.0002 sec0.1152%40.0000 sec
Template Total0.0117 sec 7.9% 1 0.0117 sec
Template load0.0090 sec6.0505%10.0090 sec
Template processing0.0027 sec1.7866%10.0027 sec
Cache load0.0050 sec3.3370%10.0050 sec
dbfile0.0001 sec0.0960%80.0000 sec
String conversion0.0000 sec0.0093%30.0000 sec
Total script time:0.1491 sec